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What is Snack Brands?

Snack Brands is a family business that provides top quality snacks to the UK pub and retail trades. These product are now available for Consumers to buy directly on line from our easy to use website or via Amazon and eBay.

What products does Snack Brands sell?

We are best known for our three styles of Pork Snacks Uncle Albert's Pork Scratchings and Uncle Albert's Porkshire Pig Pork Crackling and also the lighter pork snack Uncle Alberts Pork Crunch  We also provide a range of other snacks including Uncle Alberts Chilli Coated Peanuts and Salted Pistachio Nuts as well as our most recent introduction Senor Alberto Snacking Olives for customers with vegetarian preferences. We have recently teamed up with Listers Crisps to make their product available to our Customers , 

Who does Snack Brands sell to?

We sell to wholesalers throughout the UK to Retailers and also to Consumers via our easy to use website with free delivery on orders over £50. Or via Amazon and eBay.

Why Wholesale?

We supply wholesale trade because it is often a convenient way for retail pubs and shops to obtain their snack supplies though we can supply to retailers throughout the UK should they prefer.

How do I find out if there is a Snack Brands wholesaler near me?

Please contact us on 0114 288 1520 or via our contact page and we’ll let you know the best route for you to purchase our snacks range.